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Our flavorists blend artistry with science to recreate nature’s beauty. We design custom flavors designed to your specifications: natural, artificial, organic, liquid or powder. You can even select from our ever-growing repertoire. Whether traditional or trendy, our creative brains are constantly churning. To understand how full of flavor we are, you’ll just have to test us.

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Indulge Your Senses

Designing fragrances is an artistic relationship between perfumery and science. This connection is the genesis of creative product development. Combined with our technical expertise, you can select from the existing repertoire or have a tailor-made fragrance.

Our analytical and duplication capabilities continues to fuel our success in the ever growing private label market. Many of today’s most popular retail products contain fragrances that have already been successfully developed.

Staying ahead of trends before they become mainstream and remaining on the forefront of new technologies is what guides our innovation. Creating fragrances that invoke an inviting mood or feeling is what will make us your sixth sense. Whether sniffed, scrubbed or rubbed, we are available to assist you in every way. Contact us to get started on your next sensual sensation.

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Refresh your senses with nature

In order to deliver tantalizing flavors and fragrances we are constantly analyzing our ingredients. These ingredients determine not only the foundation of a great flavor or fragrance but the cherry on top that sets it apart from the rest. Our sustained success at penetrating the food, beverage and personal care markets in Asia, Europe and South America has enabled us to establish partnerships with specialty manufacturers. This allows us to diversify our ingredient repertoire with specialty chemicals that enhance our creative flavor and fragrance juices.

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