Health & Nutrition


From vitamin infused beverages to nutrition packed cereal bars, consumers are increasingly turning their attention to healthier and more nutritious beverages and foods. The biggest hurdle to flavoring functional foods and beverages is masking the undesirables both in taste and aroma. Our specially designed flavors and masking agents can enhance palatability of the commonly associated off-notes with sweeteners, vitamins, minerals, nutraceutical and functional ingredients. We work one-on-one with your R&D to understand your product goals and achieve great taste without sacrificing the nutritional additives.

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As consumers seek alternatives to sugary drinks, we in turn have developed a line of all natural sweetness enhancers offering a higher sweet profile without adding calories. Available in liquid and powder forms, this offers product developers a sugary alternative that really hits the sweet tooth. The beneficial aspect of our technology is the infusion into product creation. It is simply labeled as a natural flavor. Just one of the many cool things we are working on.

Products Served

  • Bars
  • Powders
  • Proteins
  • Supplements

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