Aromatic Chemicals

All things natural

Our international customer base has allowed us to form strategic partnerships with various manufacturers around the globe. Our primary focus is on the importation of specialty aromatic chemicals and sulfur compounds. With an increased demand for flavored or fragranced products, we have put together a repertoire of niche ingredients.  Finished product developers are turning to us to help increase their product’s presence in the market place. Feel free to contact us regarding your specialty product needs.

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Aromatic Services

From lactones to furanones we never stop filling our all natural aromatic arsenal.  Achieving success in this arena lies not only with providing quality products at competitive prices but with the technical and regulatory services to back it up.  Blending is a backbone of our company, so naturally this is a service we know like the back of a fruit.  Give us a sense of what you are looking for and we will sniff it out.

Products Served

  • Food & Beverage
  • Personal & Home Care
  • Flavor & Fragrance

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