Botanical Extractives

Botanical extractives are aromatic contributors historically used in both flavors and fragrances.  Maintaining a healthy lifestyle has driven the growth of natural products in the food industry.  Our botanical extracts are 100% natural and meet the discriminating preferences of any finished product.  From personal care products to natural flavoring systems, these wholesome products are a natural fit in a wide range of applications.

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Botanical Services

From Osmanthus to Yerba mate, our natural experts will scour the globe.  We have a thirst for challenges and will not leave a single rock unturned in the pursuit of the precise ingredient our customers seek.  Especially if it is natural or organic!  Technical expertise is one of our perks so feel free to contact our ingredient specialist even if it’s to just chew the fat.  Send us your project ideas and we will find the perfect natural solution to complete your creative goals.

Products Served

  • Food & Beverage
  • Personal & Home Care
  • Flavor & Fragrance